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Ghana Prisons Service, a major contributor of correctional officers to the United Nations peace keeping operations in the area of corrections, has introduced a pre-deployment training course for correctional services in Africa.

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Inmate Counter
Current Prison Inmate Population  14,728

The Ghana Prisons Service as an adjunct of the Criminal Justice System of Ghana contributes to the maintenance of internal security by maintaining of an efficient, humane and safe reformatory penal system operated within the laws of Ghana.

We believe in humanity, vigilance, fortitude and integretity while helping in the reintegration of ex-convicts into society.
The service comprises forty-five prison establishment located in all the ten regions of Ghana.
At the apex is the Prisons Headquarters in the Greater Accra Region which also houses the Controller- General of Prisons and his two Deputies, five Controllers of Prisons and other principal office holders.

The Prisons Service is governed by the Prisons Service Council, an advisory and supervisory body.
Its Functions includes advising the President on "matters of policy in relation to the organisation and maintenance of the prisons system in Ghana."

Functions of the Service
The core functions of the Ghana Prisons Service as spelt out in Section (1) of NRCD 46 (1972) are as follows:
1. Safe custody of prisoners
2. Welfare of prisoners.
3. Reformation and rehabilitation of prisoners



Press Release

It has come to the attention of the Prisons Administration that certain unscrupulous persons are going round duping unsuspecting members of the public under the pretext of recruiting them into the Ghana Prisons Service.

The Administration wishes to inform the public that the Service is currently not conducting any recruitment exercise neither has it contracted anybody as an agent for recruitment nor therefore anybody who undertakes any transaction with any person or group of persons regarding recruitment into the Service does so at his or her own risk.

The Prisons Administration further wishes to remind the general public that recruitment into the Service is done through a transparent and competitive selection process which is first advertised in the national newspapers.

Brief Facts about the Ghana Prisons Service
Penal system in the Gold Coast started in an irregular manner from the early 1800s when the administration of the Forts on the coast were in the hands of a committee of merchants under the chairmanship of Captain George Maclean, who exercised criminal jurisdiction not only in the Forts but also outside them.

  • By 1841, a form of prison had been established in the Cape Coast Castle.
  • By 1850, there were prisons in four Forts, holding a total of 129 prisoners who were kept in chains.
  • In 1876, the Gold Coast Prison Ordinance, modelled on the English Prisons Act of 1865, was introduced. The caretaker functions of the early prisons which consisted of mere rules for safe-keeping of prisoners were established in the 1880 Prisons Ordinance.
  • The Prisons Department was placed under the Police Administration.
  • In 1920, the Prisons Department was placed under an Inspector-General of Prisons. By 1948, there were twenty-nine establishments all over the country.
  • On 1st January 1964, the Prisons Department became autonomous and ceased to be part of the Civil Service and renamed Ghana Prisons Service.  

The Ghana Prisons Service wishes to bring to the attention of all Organisations, Stakeholders, NGOs, Institutions and Individuals, both Foreign and Local, that the Service has not appointed any agents or representatives to handle any issue pertaining to procurement on its behalf.
The Service wishes to emphasize that it has a Procurement Unit situated at the Prisons Headquarters, Cantonments, Accra, which deals with all its procurement issues. Anyone who deals with any person or entity outside the Procurement Unit in the name of procuring anything for the Service does so at their own risk.


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