The Ghana Prison Service has various departments and units which work tirelessly to ensure that both administrative and operational needs of the Service are met. These include;


The account department of Ghana Prison service formulates and implements sound financial policies on behalf of the service.


The Procurement Unit is mandated to facilitate, effective and efficient procurement of logistics of the service in areas such as Works, Goods and Service.


This unit is responsible for the implementation of the legal framework of the Ghana Prisons Service


This unit is responsible for the implementation of the legal framework of the Ghana Prisons Service


  • Responsible for ensuring that the entire prisons system operates smoothly in a holistic manner.
  • Provide input for planning and policy formulation.


  • Draw-up annual plans for the Service.
  • Research into problems of the Service and draw up plans for solutions.
  • Liaise with schedule officers to plan for effective and efficient performance.


  • To monitor the activities of all the units in the Service against their action plans.
  • To monitor the lock-up of stations as against the authorized capacities and advise on transfer of prisoners where necessary.
  • To monitor the activities of all the NGO’s, churches, etc. operating with the Service.
  • To monitor the progress of all the major projects being undertaken by the Service in collaboration with relevant units.
  • To undertake a background check on all new entrants in the Service and report for the attention of the Director-General of Prisons.


  • To evaluate impact of major policies and directives on the general performance of the Service.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the reformation and rehabilitation programs at various prison establishments.


This unit is responsible for the planning and implementation of educational and training needs for the Ghana Prisons Service


The sports unit is responsible for physical training, recreation and organization of Sporting activities in the Service.


The Information Communication Technology Department is the life blood and the engine that drives effective communication between and among stations in the Ghana Prisons Service.


The Gender desk seeks to maintain equal opportunities for male and female officers


The Agric unit of the Service is one of the vibrant units tasked with training and reforming

The Ghana Prisons Service takes the welfare of its officers, their families, and inmates very seriously and offers a wide range of support for them. This section provides information and contact details regarding welfare and support for both officers in active service, retirement, and the families of the bereaved. The Welfare aims of the Service Personal Support is to help serving married and single personnel and families with any personal or family difficulties that arise, by providing a confidential, comprehensive, and professional welfare service.


Religious Affairs & Counseling Unit

The unit provides spiritual support, pastoral care and moral guidance for both officers and thier dependants, inmates and the prison community.

Associations (REPOA, PRILAS, PROWA and CUA)

These are groups and organizations that champion care and moral guidance for both officers and thier dependants, inmates and the prison community.

Prisons Ladies Association (PRILAS)

This include all female officers in the Ghana Prisons Service.

Retired Prisons Officers Association (REPOA)

As members of the Ghana Prisons Service, each officer will inevitably return to civilian life at some point, whether at the end of their formal engagement, or due to family obligations, health or unforeseen circumstances. If this is you, it is never too soon to prepare for this major change in your life. Time spent considering all the factors well in advance of discharge makes planning for your return to civilian society and commencing a civilian career far less stressful. It will also allow you time to make sensible provisions and exploit every opportunity that Service life offers to improve yourself. REPOA which consist of Officers who are no longer in active service are there to help.

Prisons Officers Wives Association (PROWA)

A collation of officers wives also come together to suuport educate themselves on family and home management, and how to support their husbands for a maximum output.


The Medical Officers roles are no exception. They provide immediate medical assistance for the service, treating casualties and caring for officers on operational duties and inmates in prisons custody.


The bands provides musical support to the Service, from musical spectaculars in top venues to marching with officers and other official ceremonies. The unit has two bands…


The unit performs the following roles among others:

    • Design Residential, office & Prison Infrastructures
    • Construct, retrofit, rehabilitate building
    • Introduce new technology into Prisons structure.


    • Establish and run enterprises that produces quality products and services.
    • Engage the inmate in productive works that will reduce their idleness, help defray cost of incarceration, instil work habits, etc
    • Generate revenue to make the Service self-sufficient.


    • Takes inventory of all landed properties, furniture, fixtures and equipment.
    • Survey and document all Prison lands.
    • Run a maintenance schedules to keep Prison properties in good working conditions.

Vocational & Technical Skills Training for Inmates

  • Training inmates in various vocational and technical programmes.
  • Collaborate with National Vocational & Technical Institute (NVTI) for testing and certification of trainees.
  • Prepare training materials for the training of the inmates.