ICT Department

The Telecommunication Department is the life blood and the engine that drives effective communication between and among stations in the Ghana Prisons Service. Security information is vital and needed in the achievement of the core functions of the Service. During the year under review, the department performed creditably well in achieving the functions of the department.


Core Functions

The unit performs the following roles among others:

  • Advice the Directorate on all issues related to ICT
  • Provide ICT Support Services
  • Help to ensure stable and reliable internet service provision
  • See to the installation, monitoring, and maintenance of all ICT equipment within the service
  • Help to provide modern-day ICT solutions for effective Prisons Management (CCTV, Access controls, Biometric capturing equipment, etc.)
  • Management of official website and service portal
  • Transmission and reception of all security information and receiving of external calls and re-direct to extensions
  • Management of all health facilities in all the prisons establishments
  • Management of all health facilities in all the prisons establishments

Introduction of Close Circuit Television (CCTV)

The Service by International Standards and practices in the management of inmates and to reduce the illegal activities within the prisons facilities has embarked on a nationwide project to install Close Circuit Television at the Central Prisons. The system aims at monitoring the movement of inmates and personnel, check and prevent trafficking of illegal items into the prisons. As part of the pilot phase of the project, the system with six cameras and a network-enabled Digital Video Recorder (DVR) was installed at Headquarters for trial. The system allows the monitoring of activities in real-time on computers and mobile phones. Nsawam Medium is fitted with this system while that of Ankaful Maximum is ongoing. It is hoped that at the completion of the project the rate of trafficking and crime would be reduced and subsequently eliminated.