The Band was established in May 1977 with an initial member of Twenty Four (24) men from the 73rd and 74th recruit courses Currently the membership of the music unit is over 150 officers.

Before the year 1977, the Ghana Prisons Service did not have a Unit in charge of  Music, unlike what pertained in the Military and Police, the Prisons Service did not have a standing band that performed at ceremonial and social functions.
It is interesting to note, however, that the then Borstal Institution had a small Marching Band that entertained the inmates and performed at the graduation and passing-out parades of Officer Cadets and Recruits at the Prisons Officers Training School.  As a farewell treat, the Band escorted discharged inmates of the institution with music to the Jack and Jill junction at Roman Ridge, Accra. 

The Band was established in May 1977 with an initial member of Twenty Four (24) men from the 73rd and 74th recruit courses who responded to the Director of Prisons, Mr. Allotey’s call for interested officers to join the Band.  Later, the number increased to 32 when six men and two ladies from other stations joined the group.  All 32 were non-musicians and had never handled any musical instruments before. The percussion players of the newly formed Regimental Band began to receive their basic tuition from the Borstal Band Boys.
DSP Scott Bennin was appointed the first officer-in-charge of music, whilst a retired Police Inspector from the Police Band Mr. Ephraim Nkansah Bediako was appointed Bandmaster of the Regimental Band to organize, teach and train the bandsmen.    


Core Functions

The bands provide musical support to the Serice, from musical spectaculars in top venues to marching with officers and other official ceremonies. the unit has two bands, the Regimental and Dance bands. the unit performs the following roles among others:

  • Regimental band performs at all official service parades
  • Regimental band also performs at national parades
  • Band also performs during Service functions
  • Both the Dance Band are opened to public engagements for their functions where good quality music is required.
  • The band also performs at religious functions


Contact the Unit

For engagement of the band for any function, contact the following numbers

Phone Numbers

233 0302 777 830
233 0302 777 052
233 0302 760 093