The Prisons Service command structure is hierarchical with directorates responsible for administering groupings of smaller units. The Service is governed by the Prisons Service Council, an advisory and supervisory body. Its Functions includes advising the President on “matters of policy in relation to the organisation and maintenance of the prisons system in Ghana.”It is also responsible for ensuring the efficient administration of the Prisons Service and the promoting of superior officers from the rank of Assistant Director of Prisons (ADP).


Administratively, the Service is commanded by the Director-General who is appointed by the President of the Republic of Ghana in consultation of the Service Council.

The Director-General is assisted by 2 deputies and 9 directors responsible for the operations and administration of the Service.

Under the heirachy are the Regional commanders who oversee all the prisons establishments in that particular region.

There are also the Officers-In-Charge who are the administrative heads of all the establishments.

The Headquarters and the Prisons Officers Training School are headed by the Commanding Officer and Commandant respectively.

Under the OIC’s are the Unit, Departments and Schedule heads who supervise specialized and smaller groups.