Literacy programme for inmate is high on the agender of the Service. Non-formal education for inmates began at Ankaful in 2007, with the training of facilitators and materials provided by the Non-Formal Education Division of the Ministry of Education. As a further step, the President’s Special Initiative on Distance Learning (PSI-DL) in English Language, Mathematics, Science, Block Laying, and Concreting was in April 2008.

With 10 officers trained as facilitators, a lot of qualified and interested inmate were registered for the programme. However, due to discharges arising out of the expiration of sentences and transfer of prisoners to other prison establishments, the number of students has drastically reduced to 29. These students are very active and it is hoped that they would complete the programme successfully. The programme is receiving support from the PSI secretariat.



The successes and achievements chalked by the prison in the Central Region have not been without serious challenges. Obsolete tools, lack of adequate financial resources, lack of staff and accommodation as well as lack of incentives to motivate officers, among others, have been bane of officers.
As stated earlier, the soap-making project is very viable and will be able to meet the soap detergents needs of the Service if appropriate additional training is given. This can help the Service to make a substantial saving on its soap detergent bill. Mobility is also hampering the soap-making activities since the unit has no vehicle of its own to facilitate procurement and distribution of finished goods.