This unit is responsible for the implementation of the legal framework of the Ghana Prisons Service

Core Functions

The legal department under the command of the Chief Legal Officer performs the following core functions among other things:

  • Advising the administration on all legal related matters confronting the Service.
  • Representing the Director-General of Prisons during hearings in Court and the CHRAJ.
  • Liaising between the Service and the Attorney General’s Department.
  • Advising the Attorney General appropriately in all matters relating to the Service before representation at the Court/CHRAJ.
  • The Chief Legal Officer is the Secretary at all Directorate meetings.
  • Advising the Director-General of Prisons and draft submissions in all internal disciplinary cases involving staff of the Service.
  • Scrutinizing all issues relating to tenancy agreements and land documentations.
  • Reviewing all contract documents/MOU’S
  • Drafting opinions on controversial issues.
  • Engaging in various committees of enquiries set up by the DGP to investigate mishaps in the Service
  • Serving on Internal Committees/Boards such as; Promotion Board, Committee of Adjustment, Transfer Boards, etc.
  • Advising the administration on welfare issues as and when the need arises at various levels.
  • Performing any other duties ordered by the Director-General of Prisons or the Prisons Service Council.