The unit is the technical hub of the Service. It encompasses the Project, Industries, Estates, and Inmates Technical Training & Education.


Core Functions

The unit performs the following roles among others:

    • Design Residential, office & Prison Infrastructures
    • Construct, retrofit, rehabilitate the building
    • Introduce new technology into Prisons’ structure.


    • Establish and run enterprises that produce quality products and services.
    • Engage the inmate in productive works that will reduce their idleness, help defray the cost of incarceration, instill work habits, etc
    • Generate revenue to make the Service self-sufficient.


    • Takes inventory of all landed properties, furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
    • Survey and document all Prison lands.
    • Run maintenance schedules to keep Prison properties in good working conditions.

Vocational & Technical Skills Training for Inmates

  • Training inmates in various vocational and technical programmes.
  • Collaborate with National Vocational & Technical Institute (NVTI) for testing and certification of trainees.
  • Prepare training materials for the training of the inmates.