The Prisons Service Council

The Prisons Service Council is the creation of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana and established by Article 206 of the Constitution. Six Councils have so far been inaugurated since the promulgation of the 1992 Constitution.


Section 208 of the Constitution mandates of the Council as follows:

1. The Prisons Service Council shall advise the President on matters of policy relating to the organisation and maintenance of the prison system in Ghana including the role of the Prisons Service, prisons budgeting and finance, administration and the promotion of officers above the rank of Assistant Director of Prisons.

2.  The Prisons Service Council may, with the prior approval of the President, by constitutional instrument, make regulations for the performance of its functions under this Constitution or any other law and for the effective and efficient administration of prisons and the Prisons Service.

3.  Regulations made under clause (2) of this article shall include provisions relating to –
(a) the control and administration of prisons and the Prisons Service;
(b) the ranks of officers and men of the Prisons Service, the members of   each rank and the use of uniforms by the members;
(c) the conditions of Service including those relating to the enrolment,     salaries, pensions, gratuities and other allowances of officers and men;
(d) The authority and powers of command of the officers and men of the Prisons Service;
(e) the delegation to other persons of powers to discipline persons and the conditions subject to which delegations may be made;
(f) the parole system and the periodic review of the conditions of prisoners and all other persons in legal custody at intervals of not more than one year;
(g) the conditions under which persons may be admitted into prisons;
(h) the making of reports of unjustified treatment of, and cruelty to, prisoners and persons in legal custody and the manner in which the reports should be dealt with;
(i) the appointment and composition of welfare committees for prisoners and discharged prisoners and other persons released from legal custody;
(j) ready access by lawyers to prisoners and other persons in legal custody; and
(k) such measures, generally as will ensure the humane treatment and welfare of prisoners and other persons in legal custody, including the provision of literature and writing material.


By Article 206 of the 1992 Constitution, membership of the Council is as follows: