Upper East Regional Command


Established in 1925, the Navrongo Central Prison functioned as an integral wing of the Gold Coast Constabulary outfit which operated under the command of the then District Commissioner of Navrongo. The category B prison structure was built by the Swiss as office apartments for their operations and has since experienced little expansion in its infrastructure. So far, only an Administration Block was added in 1971. The prison which has 5 cells holds only 2nd & 1st degree felony offenders serving sentences not above 30 years.


Bawku is a category C local prison which houses 2nd degree and misdemeanour offenders. Available records on the prison link its establishment to 1925 during the reign of one late Na Zagbego Namboda, a famous overlord of the area. The trade training for inmates at the prison is kente weaving which is ably supported by the Local Council of Churches. Efforts are also being made to introduce other training options for the inmates of the prison. These include smock weaving, carpentry and tailoring.