Wa Central Prison Organizes Simulation Exercise for Officers

Wa Central Prison Organizes Simulation Exercise for Officers

The Upper West Regional Prison Command, under the visionary leadership of the Regional Commander/Officer in charge ADP. James Bongfudeme Mwinyelle (ING) has organised a Simulation exercise for officers of the prison facility (riots control) ,in readiness towards any possible emergency that has the potential of causing insecurity/ prison disturbances. This exercise took place on May 24,2024.

The exercise was organized considering the current insurgency in the sub-region by terrorists and extremists.

Officers were taken through the various stages of riots control and responds to Commands. That is, the Initial Command, the Interim command and the Ultimate Command.

The riot control stages officers were taken through included; the use of minimum force and progressing through non-deadly force to deadly force such as the use of weapons and ammunitions.

The entire exercise was under the direct supervision of DSP. Godson Atsu Woangbah, the officer in charge of operations at the Wa Central Prison . DSP Woangbah shared his vast experience with the operations officers and encouraged them to be extra vigilant when on duty. He also encouraged them to handle their weapons with great professionalism at all times.

The three (3) days training exercise has helped to equip a total of Fifty-Five (55) officers in the Operations unit.

By: DSP. Joseph Kpiriko

Upper West Region.

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